David Nour Relationship Economics: Transform Your Most Valuable Business Contacts Into Personal and Professional Success


If a man is judged by the company he keeps, David Nours Relationship Economics provides a systematic approach to building value in that judgment. David Nour has captured that..! -William L. Relationship Economics is so much more than networking-its a systematic approach to building and nurturing relationships to get things done. -Terry C. Blum, Director, Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Georgia Tech College of Management In the airline industry-or any industry for that matter-strategic relationships are instrumental to your success to drive profitable, long-term growth? -Dennis Sadlowski, President and CEO, Siemens Energy and Automation, Inc. The concepts reach well beyond networking to building lasting and productive relationships. Koleszar, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Citizens Financial Group/ Royal Bank of Scotland Social capital is essential for success, and Relationship Economics provides an approach to enhancing its value.

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