Isaac Sempungu Consistent Condom-use Against HIV infection and Unwanted Pregnancy


The study assesses both the motivating and inhibiting factors for and against condom use among young people (15-24 years) living in Buwenge Town Council, a rural setting in the eastern part of Uganda! The study collates its literature drawing on a body of already existing knowledge from studies conducted elsewhere such as sub-Saharan Africa, USA, Asia, Europe among others. The recommendations made by the research are systematically listed based on the study’s key findings, and emphasizes increased awareness about HIV risk, removal of barriers to condoms accessibility, reinforce the scientific efficacy of condoms in... The investigation employs conventional social science research methodologies whereby a cross-sectional survey and qualitative research methods are used in collecting, processing, and analyzing of findings. This study examines the consistency in use of condoms as a prevention measure against the dual risks of HIV and unwanted pregnancies among young people in Uganda.

Савельев В., под ред. Сосудистая хирургия. Национальное руководство. Краткое издание

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