Yu-Hsiu Hugo Lee and NIDA Research Center Interdisciplinary Language Discourses in Urban Refugees


It includes basic entries for those unfamiliar with a given topic, contextualizing the work for the twenty-first century during the age of globalization particularly in regard to diasporic asylum seeking and transnational resettlements. This straightforward introduction guides readers lightly but firmly through six chapters, reprinted from literature with permissions, of moderate size covering singled out topics to sustain readers interests and avoid excessive details. This engaging article provides revealing insights into daily language and communication practices among urban refugees in Thailand. This non-research conceptual paper, containing reprints of six existing literature and a developed framework, is aimed at international readership, a field arguably the center of language-communication studies for asylum seekers and urban refugees.

В. М. Ройтман Комплексная безопасность в строительстве

Christopher Baker Cuba: Top 10

Баткаева И., Митрофанова Е. Организация оплаты труда персонала Уч.-практ. пос.

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