Mahdi Albandar Surgical Referrences In Treating Appendicitis


I realized thats people intelligence is not the sum of what they know but the soundness of their power and judgment to understand the advancment and technique of life and how to apply solutions to problems ,especialy if in cost of patient life. i arrived at a new standard by which to measure intellectual. here i can determin the best modulator of surgery and measure the quality of the post operative care in whoem operated for acute appendicitis?

Оксенов А. Животный мир шести континентов. Иллюстрированная энциклопедия

Геннадий Апанасенко, Лариса Попова und Анатолий Маглёваный Санология

John W O?malley Four Cultures of the West

Прокурорский надзор

Миронова, Наталия Александровна Литература. 10 кл. Технологические карты уроков. ВЕРТИКАЛЬ. (ФГОС).

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