Andy Gravette Canary Islands: Travel Guide (+ Pull-out Travel Map)


All the essential information you need to get around an unfamiliar region is compacted into useful and practical At-a-Glance sections at the end of each chapter. In addition to the main map of the Canary Islands, which highlights scenic routes,... The fold-out map of the Canary Islands is ideal for tourists and visitors. The handy pocket-size guide is packed with useful information, tips and recommendations, accompanied by color photographs, charts and maps for the first-time traveller who wants to experience the major highlights that the Canary Islands have to offer. This travel book surpasses other guides in that it incorporates essential information in an easy-to-carry and easy-to-read format that is attractive and useful at the same time. It provides a visitor with an invaluable introduction to the Canary Islands by concisely highlighting the regions must see areas in a practical and user-friendly format, thus encouraging the tourist to make the most of his/her available time.

М. П. Воюшина, Н. Н. Чистякова Тетрадь по литературе. 1 класс

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