LAURA ANDREU Financial Management of Spanish Pension Plans


This thesis, therefore, examines some hot topics related to the performance and management of pensions that deserve great attention of analysis, especially in a growing market such as the Spanish pension industry. The worldwide ageing process along with the recent solvency problems of some pension funds have called for an improvement on the regulation of pension plans as well as for the necessity of increasing the control over managers behaviour. This work should help to shed some light on the management of these collective investment portfolios and should be especially useful to both managers and individual investors. These features, the growing importance of institutional investing in general and of pension funds in particular and the scarce number of studies focused on pension plans have motivated this work.

Кизима Г., Калинина А. Бабушкины компоты, соки, сиропы

Улыбина Ю. Идеальный менеджер

Мультиплеер с проектором Новогодний сюрприз

В. М. Седов Справочник семейного врача. Хирургические болезни. Том 2

Налоговый кодекс Российской Федерации. Части 1 и 2

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