Irena Isbasescu The European Capitals of Culture: Towards a Common European Identity?


The present study looks into the possibilities of becoming European by an extensive study of one of the most popular top-down initiatives of the European Union, the European Capitals of Culture Programme. While there can be no denial to the possibility of falling for a grandiose project like the one discussed in the book, it remains to be seen in how far such a programme manages to instill the desired... You cant fall in love with the common market Jacques Delors said to point that while free trade is necessary,it is definitely not sufficient. Despite the ambiguity of the concept, in view of the continuous enlargement and changing borders of the European Union, identity started being perceived as a possible solution towards peace keeping, successful implementation of politics and achievement of the kind of unity necessary for holding Europe together. Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in the topic of European Identity, both on a discursive and on a practical level.

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Учебники Проспект Охрана власти в уголовном праве России (de lege lata и de lege ferenda).

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